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A ritual for cleaning and rejuvenating your skin and spirit

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Monthly Facials: A Ritual of Relaxation

Beauty is more than skin deep – it’s a state of mind. Here at Indigo Studio Facial Bar & Spa, we understand how important it is to not only look your best but to feel it as well. Bringing out such beauty means creating a ritual of relaxation, monthly facials that wash away the physical, emotional, and spiritual grime that inevitably accumulates. Here are some reasons to set aside a time each month that your skin and soul will look forward to.

Community of Care

One thing we strive toward is building community. Our location is designed to be a hub of tranquility, a refuge from the bustle of our busy city of Columbia, SC. By offering membership options, we can provide monthly services that won’t stretch your savings while giving you space to commune with others looking for relaxation, relief, and ritual. Join our club and make our facial bar your skincare sanctuary.

A Temptation of Treatment

State of the art doesn’t have to mean cold and mechanical. Our treatments are both clinical and caring, specifically devised to be comfortable and noninvasive. Some items from our skincare menu include the following:

  • Microcurrent, LED and nano-infusion
  • Enzyme exfoliation and treatment masks
  • Manual and ultrasonic spatula extractions
  • Fluorite Gua Sha treatments
  • AquaGlo Plus™ hydrabrasion
  • Custom peels, exfoliation and detox

When performed on a regular basis, these procedures rejuvenate the skin and revitalize the spirit in ways you've never imagined.

Services Available

Indigo Studio and Facial Bar & Spa is not simply a spa for facials in Columbia, SC. It is a temple for treatment and care, where each session is a ceremony devoted to your health and well-being. Choose one our facial treatments and schedule your ritual of relaxation today.
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