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Everything you need to know about getting a Brazilian wax

So you finally booked a wax. Yay! Said no one ever after booking their first brazilian. But trust me, you can do this and its worth it. Is it going to hurt? Nope wont hurt me one bit but thank you for checking :) Ok fine yes its going to hurt, we are ripping hair out at the root. Hair that's probably been shaved and is thick and pretty strong. Plan on getting through three waxes before you really know if this for you or not. Hair grows in cycles and it can take up to 3 times before we get allllllll the hairs. This is also why you may not get a perfectly bare finish the first couple times or may think the hair "grew back" in just a couple days. Nope. Those pesky little buggers were in anagen (early growth) phase  but hadn't popped through the surface or were too short to catch. 

So here are my do's and do not's for a successful and smooth (hehe) waxing experience. 


1. Make sure the hair is long enough. About the lengfth of a grain of rice (1/4 inch) 

2. Physically exfoliate the area daily with a washcloth, bikini brush, louffa glove etc. 

3. Moisturize the area daily with a lightweight lotion. 

4. Try to avoid booking the week before you get your period as you may be more sensitive. (if you are on your cycle its a decision for each client and esthetician to decide if to move the appt) Personally I tell my clients put on a 'pon and come on! 

5. If you are nervous, book an early appointment. Why stress about it all day? Get in there and get it over with!

6. Do wear loose fitting clothes and bring clean underwear with you. Friction and any chance of bacteria on freshly waxed skin is just not a great idea. 

7. Get there a couple minutes early, go pee and if you need to...freshen up. You brush your teeth before going to the dentist don't you?

8. Relax and remember we have been there too. We know its an extremely vulnerable position to be in literally. Your brazilian waxer looks at your lady or man bits and just sees hair growth patterns and how to get the job done as efficiently, quickly and painlessly as possible. Just as if it was an ear or back wax. 

9. Follow instructions as far as positioning, holding skin taut,  breathing etc. 

10. As far as the positioning goes, its kind of like lazy yoga and sometimes you may feel like OMG Im gonna pass gas. DO say hey girl get out the way. We get it and we appreciate the warning way more than you trying to hold it while we all up in there and then YIKES ON BIKES we are both stuck in an incredibly awkward position LOL!! 



and now for the  AW HEYULLL NAWS on behalf of every waxer everywhere

do not ride your bike from the gym to the spa to get waxed. Seriously. 

do not have sex right before going to the spa to get waxed. 

do not eat a large spicy meal right before your wax.

do not expect your esthetician to wax you without a fresh tampon in place if you have your period. It's unsanitary.

do not expect to bring your friend, lover, toddler into the room. This is not a spectator sport. 

and lastly.... 

do not freak out about it, its no where near as bad as you think and the hair free care free path is so worth 15 minutes of light conversation while contorting your body into butterfly and lazy hooker pose !

See you on the table