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DMK Therapy

DMK enzyme therapy facials can help rejuvenate your skin by using naturally occurring compounds.

DMK Therapy
DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK Therapy: The Brand and The Treatment

If you have been chasing the skin of your youth, then look no further than DMK Enzyme therapy. The treatments help to restore your skin at a cellular level, not like conventional facial therapies that only work on the surface. DMK is the only company globally to successfully manipulate the positive effects of transfer-messenger enzymes, allowing you to experience the scientific magic of rejuvenated, younger-looking skin. While the enzyme therapy is the cornerstone of DMK therapy, they are determined to help you treat and combat the underlying conditions of wrinkling and sagging skin through there R.R.P.M. process.

Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain (R.R.P.M.)

R.R.P.M. stands for Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain. This is a process that creates the opportunity for success among patients and clients who after trying everything are desperate for positive results. While the process isn’t that state of the art, the treatment is, but every treatment must follow the appropriate regimen, which in this instance is R.R.P.M.

Before the process of rejuvenation can begin, you must remove and clean the foundation. DMK therapy requires skin washes that help to strip away dead cells, turning it to an acid that can be easily removed, and leaving behind only new healthy cells.

Once old skin cells have been removed and new skin cells left to flourish, it is time to encourage regrowth and rebuilding of a healthy, youthful complexion. By using cremes and ointments that are specially formulated, you can help your skin cells live longer and perform the way they are supposed to, leaving you with healthier skin.

After rebuilding your youthful-looking skin, you must protect it. Protecting your skin comes from eating healthily and taking appropriate precautions when out in the sun. Poor diet and other issues, like prolonged sun exposure, can lead to premature aging, sagging skin and wrinkles.

Beyond protecting your skin, DMK therapy will require that you maintain your new, healthy lifestyle by continuing with prescriptions and other washes at home. A DMK treatment program is a lifelong commitment to skin care management.

Reverse Osmosis and Your Body

While R.R.P.M. refers to the steps of the treatment process, reverse osmosis is the actual effect of the enzyme treatment on your body, specifically within three targeted areas.

  • Lymphatic System
  • Facial blood vessels
  • Facial muscles

Reverse Osmosis, or back-flushing, is the process of power-washing cells, forcing fluids through the cellular membrane to eliminate all impurities. This process essentially removes toxins and promotes a healthier lymphatic system response.

As the primary filtering system of the body, the lymphatic system consists of a network of organs and tissues whose job it is to remove toxins, waste and other harmful materials from the vascular system. DMK therapy acts on the lymphatics system, encouraging excellent drainage, which is felt through the facial mask as a pulsing or tightening of the face by the client.

The enzyme treatment, while helping to flush out impurities, also produces a fresh supply of necessary oxygenated blood vessels to your face and skin cells in a process called the plasmatic effect. The effect causes vessel dilation, increasing the oxygen retention in the vessels and allowing clients to notice the effects of the treatment visibly.

In addition to bolstering the effectiveness of the lymphatic system and encouraging rich oxygenated blood, DMK therapy forces weak facial muscles into compliance through stimulation. Essentially, the enzymes force the muscles to tighten which promotes the development of stronger and healthier skin, providing you with firm, smooth skin.

Why Choose DMK Over Other Therapies

DMK has established a global reputation for their enzyme treatments, making them the leader in enzyme oxygen therapy. While other therapies claim effectiveness through the application of oxygenated creams or even compressed air, in extreme cases, no treatment has proven to be as effective as the deep treatment therapies offered through DMK. Also, many of these other treatments are considered unhealthy and dangerous, possibly even worsening underlying skin conditions.

By harnessing the positive attributes of enzymes, DMK therapy can stimulate and improve the natural processes of your body to encourage healthy cell development. This process aids in the natural removal of toxins, dead proteins and other dangerous and odor producing chemicals from the body while simultaneously restoring the healthy lymphatic functions that produce younger looking and performing skin.

The emulation of your body’s natural cleansing and purifying abilities and the reinforcing of the vascular systems ability to adequately oxygenate the blood vessels is why the DMK process surpasses every other skin treatment and regimen. No other facial treatment penetrates as deeply or stimulates the muscles as effectively. The DMK solution and R.R.P.M. process, while dependent on the individual, produce real results and offer real solutions.

DMK’s Signature Facial

DMK therapy is a revolutionary enzyme therapy that has established a reputation on actual results. The core focus of the treatments is to remove toxins, restore natural youthful skin functions, and to teach you to protect and maintain your revitalized appearance for years to come.

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